Hadihareketi.org Gizlilik Politikası as the Rights, Justice, Solidarity, and Beneficence Association (HADİ), we prepared this Privacy Policy so we could explain what information we collect from Users and how we use and share that information. This Privacy Policy is valid for the usage of the website hadihareketi.org and all of the applications contained therein.

The HADİ Association Privacy Policy is subject to change from time to time. If we introduce any changes to the policy, we will notify you by updating the policy’s date of implementation. We recommend that you glance over the Privacy Policy every time you visit our website so that you can stay informed.

The provisions in this Non-disclosure Agreement and Terms of Use Statement indicate how we use the information we collect as it pertains to you and your requests for services when you visit our website and utilize the services it provides. By using this website and requesting to utilize the services provided therein you agree to the conditions indicated in this Non-disclosure Agreement and Terms of Use Statement. Everyone who visits our website and/or requests services are deemed to have read the provisions indicated and agreed to their contents.

The information we collect
Visitors: Every time people visit or use our website, even if they are not registered with the HADİ Association platform, we collect information about their browser and operating system, including their IP address, geographical location (by country based on the IP address) and version and language options.

Website usage and registration: In addition to the information indicated above, when you sign in to our website we collect a bundle of information that encompasses your name, e-mail address, password, photograph, date of birth, geographical location, information included in the “about me” section, and your mobile device’s ID. We also take into account the pages you visit and the comments you make.

Information obtained via other websites: Moreover, you can permit us to collect your information so we can use it for our other projects.

Supporters and contributors: We collect the information you provide when you take part in HADİ Association support campaigns and visit the Contributors section of our website.

Cookies: We use cookies on our website to collect further information. Cookies are small data files that we send to your computer or the hard disk on your mobile device. We use cookies for two reasons. Firstly, we use “permanent” cookies to record your input data to sign in. Secondly, we use “session IDs” which function with certain aspects of the website as a means of better understanding how you interacted with the website and observing users’ overall usage of the website and trajectories of traffic on the webpage. Unlike permanent cookies, session IDs are completely erased when you sign out and shut down your device.

How do we use your information?
We may use information about you for a variety of purposes, including the following:
1. To develop and improve our website
2. To come up with ideas for workshops, activities, or talks that might interest you
3. To carry out operations or launch competitions/raffles and send you information about them
4. To reply to your comments, questions, and requests, and to offer customer services
5. To send technical information, updates, security warnings, and administrative and system support messages
6. To contact you about our and others’ products, services, offers, promotional events, awards, and activities, to pass along news we think might interest you, and to send notifications
7. To observe and analyze trends, usage, and activities concerning our services
8. To customize our services and to offer suitable content or features concerning your areas of interest or to place advertisements
9. To create links with information we receive from others to provide you with better services or to combine such information
10. To identify, research, and/or prevent fraudulent, unauthorized, or illegal activities
11. To gather information to fulfil other goals
12. The information we gather is “personally identifiable” (meaning that it can be used to identify you as a particular person) or “non-personally identifiable” (meaning that it cannot be used to distinguish you from others). The two kinds of information and combinations therein are as indicated above.

The sharing of information
Personal information may be shared under the following conditions:
1. With your approval
2. With third-party vendors, consultants, and other service providers who need to access your account to carry out projects in our name
3. With analysts to analyze user data
4. With advertisers and donors
5. With other users (i.e. if you have opted for your profile to be viewable by everyone)
6. With the relevant authorities when we are authorized to do so or when it is a matter of legal obligation (upon the request of courts and/or state officials)
7. To implement or administer our privacy policy, terms of use, or our other policies and agreements
8. To protect the rights, property, and security of HADİ Association members and others
9. In cases in which personal information as a related business asset can be transferred or disclosed in mergers or the process of deliberations, the sale of association assets, acts of financing or purchasing, or any other such situation (i.e. informing an advertiser about the performance of an advertisement or how many people have seen it, clicked on it, or engaged with it); moreover, we can share trend data concerning searches, agreements or all other member and association activities.

Third parties
We can give all institutions, organizations, and companies connected to the association's permission to use cookies, web beacons, and other technologies. These companies can gather information such as unique device identifiers, IP addresses, geographical position, gender, and use activity, and that information can be used to analyze your usage of the website. Furthermore, some institutions and companies may use the information they gather to place targeted advertisements. Please visit the website optout.aboutads.info to get more information about interest-based ads, including how you can circumvent the information your browser gathers for behavioral advertising.

Contact settings
E-mail: If you ever decide that you would like to stop receiving e-mail notifications from us, please follow the instructions which can be found in all of our communications or update the settings in the “preferences” section of your account.

Cookies: You can change the settings in your browser so that it will stop automatically accepting the cookies that are sent to your computer when you visit websites or ask you if you would like to accept them. If you do not accept our website’s cookies, it is possible that you may not be able to use or access all of the sections or functions of our webpage.

Changing or deleting your information
By getting in touch with us you can review, update, correct, or delete your information, or you can use our website to update your profile. If you delete all of your information, your membership will be deactivated. We may retain some information for association activities and business purposes or as part of our standard information retention policy as required by law. Moreover, we may retain copies of information about you that have been archived or stored in cache memory.

We take commercial precautions to ensure the security and integrity of the information that is gathered and retained through security services. However, despite our best efforts to make sure that the information you give us is kept safe, we cannot guarantee that it will not be compromised or that unauthorized parties will not access, release, change, or corrupt your information. Our association bears no legal responsibility if unauthorized third parties access or misuse your information. The website operates on the top level of privacy available per the conditions required by the online environment. The HADİ Association cannot be held responsible for any damages to persons or institutions by third parties who engage in legal or illegal activities.

Payment procedures
For security purposes, www.hadihareketi.org uses both SSL and the ........................ system on the page for credit card approval. When you donate www.hadihareketi.org, your bank’s payment system ensures the security of the transaction and neither www.hadihareketi.org nor third parties can see your credit card information. Member information is not shared with third parties except in cases of legal obligation.

Access to order agreements
The “Privacy Agreement” and “Usage Agreement” that is established online between the purchaser and seller as regards your donation or membership is retained in the records of www.hadihareketi.org for three years. You can get detailed information about making donations on our website.

Content connected to the HADİ Association
This website may contain links to other webpages over which the HADİ Association has no control. The privacy statutes of those webpages may stipulate conditions that differ from those of this website. The HADİ Association is not responsible for how those websites use or divulge the information they gather. Similarly, the HADİ Association bears no responsibility for other webpages that contain links to our website. The elements and items visible via such links to other pages are depicted through virtual machines and computers, and they do not and cannot show you their content or source pages before the visuals are seen on the website.

An element or item depicted via a link on the website may contain content and/or images and/or links that some may find objectionable, inappropriate, or offensive. As the HADİ Association, we do not take responsibility for the content of any links that may be posted on our website, and the HADİ Association bears no responsibility for any claims based on the use of third-party websites that are accessed via links on our website. Accordingly, we request that you bear these issues in mind when leaving our webpage and we recommend that you carefully read the terms of use and privacy policies of other websites that you visit.

The HADİ Association owns all rights to this website. By visiting and using this website, the User expressly declares that she/he will not violate the intellectual property rights of the HADİ Association and not copy, reproduce, publish, or change the content and/or images contained in the website, including visual and audio elements, databases, products, designs, brands, patents, logos, and all such related information, content, documentation, and visuals. The User also expressly vows not to translate the content of the website into any other languages or save it as such or subject the content to any changes, corrupt the content, or use the content in any way, and the User also expressly declares that she/he will not directly or indirectly engage in unfair competition. All of our association’s rights are reserved.

Feel free to get in touch with us by e-mail if you would like to request any information or if you have any comments or suggestions.
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