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People were created with the ability to learn how to produce what they consume, the endurance to cope with challenges they face, and a capacity for learning right from wrong. They were designed to attain their humanity through development. Thus, understanding and utilizing the teachings and techniques that serve the purposes of that development are necessary for people to achieve their sense of humanity.

Condition 1: Understanding.
The 7.83 Hz resonances that oscillate between the core of the Earth and the atmosphere, pulsating like a heartbeat, correspond with the wavelength of Alpha/Theta brainwaves. Those brainwaves are a wave-based reflection of cellular renewal and healing as well as the state that the brain enters during sleep, meditation, and periods of tranquility. As the brain emits Alpha/Theta waves, it heals the body that it governs. The waves also have an impact on sleep cycles, known as circadian rhythms, in addition to blood pressure and reproductive functions. The rhythm of the core of the Earth, which thus dovetails with the Alpha/Theta brainwaves that heal us and facilitate cell regeneration, reproduction, and the release of melatonin, which the body uses to detect malformed cells, has come to be known as the Schumann Resonance because the electromagnetic frequency was first identified by the famous German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann (1888-1974).

This synchronization of electromagnetic frequencies between people and the world demonstrates that, like the fruit that grows on trees, the plants that take root in the soil, and the plankton in the sea that produce most of the oxygen we breathe—in short everything in nature—as with all that is part of the world’s system of life, humans are a product of the Earth, its offspring, its seed. Seen in this way, people truly are a product of this planet, an inherent part of it.

The Earth is our mother, the womb in which we are conceived.

Bringing harm to the world, to its ecological system, goes against all religions and beliefs, all established creeds in existence.

Condition 2: Accepting responsibility.
Since human beings are the smartest and most dominant organisms on Earth, it is their responsibility to contribute to the planet’s ecosystem. That responsibility starts with learning how to produce what one consumes, continues with looking after all forms of life embodied in plants and animals no matter what the conditions, and takes on meaning through understanding that all change begins with the self.

Condition 3: Being well-intentioned.
From time to time you will suffer injustices and you will be misunderstood. There will be times when others do not approve of you, when you cannot make your ideas heard, when you are not accorded the value you deserve. The most important element of the journey of life is not losing your good intentions in the chain of events that unfold around you—in fact, you must be able to root and strengthen them. Your good intentions are the language by means of which you communicate with life, so when you lose them, you become disconnected from life itself. You will not be able to hear life, nor will it be able to hear you. As such, those intentions reinforce your communication with life. Always bear in mind that regardless of how negatively intentioned the people around you might be, your good intentions are NEVER foolish, indeed they are a source of great strength and a safeguard, so irrespective of what you experience, you must remain well-intentioned. Losing one’s good intentions is tantamount to losing one’s humanity. Someone devoid of good intentions can only be a parasite, never human. And always remember that life knows the difference between being well-intentioned and appearing to be well-intentioned.

Condition 4: Being hard-working.
Just look at the place society has reached: People chatter on and on, and they hold meetings not with the aim of being productive but rather to parade around in front of each other and soothe their buried feelings of loneliness. Look around. Analyze.

True production can only be achieved through industriousness and exhaustion, as well as the thrill of inspiration that fills your heart when you’re on the right path. Being hardworking and focusing on being productive without using your work as an excuse for flirtatious endeavors will guide you to the best path, one that leads to yourself and to the others together with whom you will walk that path. Remember, you didn’t come here to couple up or fall in love. You’re here for the sake of improvement! As soon as you forget that, life will pummel you with love, batter you with obsessions, and shame you with regret for not using your time wisely, time you should’ve spent being productive. Work. Work hard. Work for the right things, so your labor can guide you to yourself. And on that path, you will find everything that will complete you.

Condition 5: Persevering.
The only weapons you need in this journey are to work hard, to get tired, to fight with your own darkness without giving up, to know yourself, to face your mistakes and the features you need to develop, and to use advanced features efficiently. Those are the only weapons you will need on this journey. Remember, the only battle we cannot win is the battle with ourselves. So long as you remain diligent and perseverant, by fulfilling your potential you will continue to transform into the person you need to be. This is a marathon that will last your entire life. Understand that.

Condition 6: Evaluating what life brings you.
Life brings people and situations to you, sometimes offering up teachings to enrich you, sometimes testing you to see if you’ve taken those teachings and internalized them or not. Try to make a concerted effort to evaluate everybody that life brings you, without activating the defense mechanisms of; judgement that you have learned to have since you were born, comparing with the shortcomings that you have tried to hide from everyone, and fear of being excluded thinking that you will lose power. Remember, you’re not at war, and if you react as though you were fighting a war, you’ll turn life into a battlefront. So long as you put some work into what life brings you, you’ll notice that you have more and more friends, but if you judge, envy, or shun what comes into your life, you’ll create enemies.

Condition 7: Taking action.
By effectively using our knowledge about how to produce what we consume, we will set off down the path to humanity bolstered by good agricultural techniques, knowledge about good nutrition, and technological training within the scope of the farming system we will create as the HADİ movement, so you can become the person you need to be.

So come, join us if you’re ready to truly be human!

"We will not earn the right to get into heaven until we create heaven on earth."
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