The Hypatia Bookstore & Restaurant
Every Hypatia product, from the food cooked in the kitchen to the drinks served at the bar and from the items sold at the bookstore to the workshops that are offered, makes a contribution to life and helps those in need. How?

As Hypatia, we donate to the HADİ Association on a continual basis. That includes income generated by our healthy restaurant, which prepares its dishes with organic ingredients obtained from all around Anatolia including our Istanbul Cooperative, the thousands of books at our bookstore, all of which have been meticulously selected for the paths to meaning they open up, and the paintings on our walls which are for sale.

Hypatia is a HADİ Association establishment.

Together with other associations and as the HADİ movement, we are actively and systematically working to develop a sustainable, modernized version of Village Institutes, which were an important platform for education in Turkey in the 1940s. Our aim is to promote equal opportunity education and help spread humanitarian values to people in all corners of the country without discrimination as regards religion, race, or language.

Join our efforts!