0 TL spent (Goal: 30,000 TL)

We aim to establish the Istanbul Cooperative in order to increase the quality of humanity. Our aim is to contribute to the fostering of individuals who are hard-working, independent, and equipped with the knowledge to guide their children through life. Ultimately, by making it possible for the goods produced through the cooperative to be sold under the best terms and conditions, our goal is to create a system that ensures that profits go to the workers themselves.

First, we set out to establish a cooperative that would contribute to the economy through individuals capable of producing products of the highest quality. For one month, thirty individuals identified by municipalities as being in need will receive education about nutrition, human health, and issues crucial to the raising of children, and after being divided into three groups, they would be involved in the production of organic tomato paste, the organic canning of summer vegetables, gluten-free raviolis, pickles, traditional Turkish tarhana, sugar-free jam, cheese, yogurt, and bread.

So “HADİ,” let the journey begin!


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