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This Usage Agreement is hereby binding between the HADİ Association and all internet users who will be subscribers of and/or visit is the official website of the HADİ Association. Legal announcements concerning HADİ, news postings made by and/or concerning HADİ, applications to become a Contributor to the HADİ Movement, operations concerning Candidate Contributors, volunteer platforms, applications, donations, and other such actions can be processed through this website. Being a subscriber of does not imply or entail HADİ membership or status as a HADİ Contributor.

HADİ is an association that has been established per the terms of the relevant regulations, and as a non-profit institution it carries out its activities in line with the principles and precepts stipulated in its statutes.

Users must be subscribers of to be members of HADİ, be Contributors, and/or make donations.

Users are deemed to have agreed to the terms of this agreement if they become subscribers of or visit the website.

When Users visit the website, they shall be deemed to have agreed to abide by and behave following all conditions of use published by HADİ and/or any forthcoming such conditions, the national statutes of the Republic of Turkey, and international agreements to which Turkey is a signatory. All legal and punitive responsibility for failure to do so rests with the User.

Users must use their own e-mail address when becoming a subscriber and sign up in their own name. In the case of corporate memberships, Users must provide a statement of the power of attorney testifying that they have the authority to do so. Users must provide full and accurate information in their member accounts and they are required to keep their information up to date.

Users may delete their membership through the membership portal. Once they have done so, that membership cannot be reactivated. Users must sign up for a new if they would like to become subscribers again. may make changes at any time and for any reason to members’ portals, unilaterally nullify memberships, close down memberships temporarily, or permanently and/or suspend memberships. In such situations, the User shall be deemed to have agreed in advance per the terms of this agreement to not make any claims upon HADİ.

Memberships that have not been accessed by Users for 1 (one) year may be deleted.

HADİ may nullify the memberships of Users who send via the platform any kind of form including but not limited to statements, requests, and applications or send via written, verbal and/or visual means through any of HADİ’s channels of communication materials that are of a threatening, harassing, distressing, and/or insulting nature and/or do not comply with the General Principles of HADİ and/or include criminal elements. HADİ reserves the right to pursue legal action based on such communications.

It is illegal to utilize the services offered by and the content available on for purposes aside from personal use; copy or reuse those services and content; alter and reuse or publish those services and content; and/or distribute or store those services or content.

Users may not sell, copy and/or otherwise misuse the content on; use that content for advertising or similar purposes; or use that content in a manner that violates the rights of third parties.

If the membership of a User expires for any reason, the User continues to be responsible for all of the actions they carried out on their account as well as their statements, applications, and all other forms of activity and behavior associated with their accounts. Cancellation or nullification of membership does not release Users from this responsibility. takes the greatest care to ensure the security of its users and members. However, Users who are members are responsible for the security of the information registered on their membership portals and for their passwords. Users should never share their membership information with third parties.

If Users detect any unusual activity or experience anything beyond their control concerning their membership portals, they should immediately notify HADİ about the situation.

All forms of malicious usage, including seizure of Users’ membership passwords by third parties and unlawful usage of those passwords by third parties, are the responsibility of the User; all legal and punitive liabilities arising from malicious usage shall be assumed by the User.

Users may not: engage in activities that would impede or hinder other users’ and contributors’ usage of the website or render inaccessible or inoperable databases or servers; cause harm to software, equipment or means of communication; introduce into the system software with viruses or other computer codes or files; attempt to access any systems, data, or passwords unless they have the authority to do so; directly or indirectly engage in activities that would result in the decoding or disruption of algorithms and/or codes of services; alter, convert, and/or transform website content, or publish that content on other websites without proper citations; share information that could cause harm to third parties including but not limited to the sending of messages that contain unlawful information and chain e-mails, as well as software viruses; send programs and/or data that could cause harm to the data or software on other Users’ computers; or engage in such unlawful behavior or other behavior that could bring harm to HADİ and All legal and punitive liabilities arising from failure to adhere to the abovementioned stipulations shall be assumed by the User. HADİ reserves the right to request and initiate legal proceedings.

If a User fails to abide by the terms of this Agreement, provides incorrect or false information while using or becoming a member of, maliciously uses the services provided, or engages in any activities that HADİ deems to be grounds for taking action, HADİ may block the User or nullify the User’s membership without having to justify its decision. In such situations, HADİ reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings.

We collect your personal data in the following situations:>
- When you become a HADİ donor or volunteer>
- When you use the services provided by HADİ>
- When you sell goods to us or provide us with services>
- When you subscribe to our news bulletin or opt to receive our notifications>
- When you contact us by such means as e-mail or telephone for the sake of making a complaint or providing feedback>
- When you apply for a job or an internship at our association>
- When you participate in activities, training sessions, seminars, conferences and/or events organized by our association>
- When you contact us as a potential donor/volunteer/supplier/partner/sub-contractor for any reason. We only process the personal information we collect in the above-mentioned situations per the terms of this policy document.

HADİ is not responsible for any harm incurred directly and/or indirectly as the result of breaches of the agreement facilitated by accessing or utilization of or other information and/or other data, programs, etc. on the Website, wrongful doing, and/or other reasons.

HADİ takes no responsibility concerning interruptions in operations, errors, negligence, erasures of data, losses, delays in operations or communications, computer viruses, communication errors, theft, destruction, unauthorized accessing of records, changes to or usage of records, or technological malfunctions that result from breaches of the Agreement, wrongdoing, negligence or other causes.

It is hereby acknowledged that HADİ shall not be held accountable for any responsibilities, harm, or claims, including court fees and other costs, that arise as the result of accessing the Website or links provided for other websites and/or using the Website.

The User hereby concedes and acknowledges that the Website and quality of the access to the content provided on the Website are to a great extent dependent on the quality of the service obtained from the internet provider and that HADİ bears no responsibility for problems arising from the quality of the service in question or flaws in the operations of the Website, and the User acknowledges that on occasion technical malfunctions or impediments to access may be encountered.

HADİ does not record and saves personal information regarding donations, such as Credit Card, BankCard, and BKM Express Account information (i.e. Credit Card Numbers). HADİ ensures the security of donation payments through SSL-based 128-bit encryption.

All registered and unregistered intellectual property rights such as those about titles, names of operations, brands, patents, logos, designs, information, and methodologies that are found on the Website belong to HADİ or specified relevant parties, and they are protected by national and international law. Visiting, becoming a member, and/or utilizing the services of do not accord the User any rights on the issue of intellectual property rights.

The information on may not be duplicated, published, copied, presented, or transferred in any manner. The Website may not be used in full or in part on another website without permission.

HADİ reserves the right to change in full or in part the services provided on, the membership portals, and the conditions of this Agreement at any time. Such changes shall be deemed to go into effect when they are published on the Website, and Users are responsible for keeping track of any alterations. Users shall be deemed to have agreed to those changes by continuing to utilize the services provided.

All HADİ notifications are sent to the e-mail addresses and/or phone numbers provided by Users when they sign up to be subscribers. Users are responsible for updating their contact information via the membership portal, and all communications and notifications shall be deemed to have been delivered upon being sent out. All electronic and mobile communications and notifications shall be deemed to have been read 1 (one) day after transmission.

HADİ is a data controller to a limited extent following Turkish Law 6689 on the Protection of Personal Data and all secondary statutes. By visiting, Users are deemed to have read and agreed to the terms of this Agreement and the Clarification Text & Personal Data Protection Policy published by HADİ.

All disputes arising as regards this Agreement shall first be resolved through the provisions provided herein and if there are no relevant provisions the Laws of the Republic of Turkey shall apply. Disputes arising as regards the implementation of this Agreement shall be resolved through the Istanbul Courts and Bailiffs Offices.

This Agreement enters into force on the date it is published by HADİ on By using the Website, members and all Users shall be deemed to have agreed to the statutes contained herein. HADİ may at any time make changes to the statutes in this Agreement. Users are responsible for keeping track of the Agreement and any changes that may occur herein and starting from the date it entered into effect they are deemed to have agreed to and acknowledged in advance their responsibility.

Users hereby declare that they have read, understood, and agree to all of the articles in this Hadihareketi.Org Website Usage and Membership Agreement and vow that the personal information they provided on is correct.

The Rights, Justice, Solidarity and Beneficence Association (HADİ)

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