We have managed to create a hell in this heaven we call the world.
We are watching as million-year-old natural wonders are falling victim to the “madness of consumption.” Crime, violence, war, and poverty have become constant themes of modern life. In both movies and plays, in every aspect of life that is devoted to entertainment, we go on choosing those themes. Not only are we raising humanity on violence, we are pushing humanity to commit crimes, driving it to wage war and accepting its impoverishment.

Our concepts have been drained of significance.

Our concepts as well as humanity itself has been drained of significance. City parks have become “nature” and drinking herbal tea “natural living”! While international companies become “environmentalist” just because they put a sticker on their products that says “recycle,” local governments that overcrowd animal shelters are seen as being “animal lovers”! We’re fake! And instead of confronting that fakeness, we’re expected to believe in a system that tries to stop crime with prisons and prevent depression with medications! In the same way, we’re expected to think of the school curriculum, which suppresses children’s true potential and inner selves and which has no other aim than shaping kids along the same lines, as an “educational system”!

This is a system that makes per capita calculations about the wealth of the world in terms of “national income” rather than “books,” “clean air,” and “green spaces!” And all of those measurements represent the old “world of consumption!” That’s precisely the reason why humanity is at a crossroads. The path to transformation involves reaching and touching the earth! The solution consists of a handful of people taking the initiative and action, who understand that we only become worthy of life by producing what we consume! If you look around you and the past carefully, all the established systems and everything that contributes to life is not by the crowds of millions, but by the gathering of a few people who have learned to take initiative and realized that life is an enormous systematic initiation, despite the crowds, their choices, and conditions you will see that the difference created by dozens of people who can stand by life no matter what, gives birth to humanity.

We are in the midst of a historical transformation!

In light of that situation, we decided to establish the Rights, Justice, Solidarity and Human Association, the abbreviation of which is “HADİ” in Turkish. And in Turkish, “HADİ” means “Come on! Let’s take action!”

So come on! Be a part of HADİ and contribute to this historical change and advancement!